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George Morgan Singles Collection (2 CDs)
George Morgan CD
George Morgan Singles Collection (2 CDs)<BR>George Morgan CD Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 11MORG1
Price: $19.98

Disc 1

  1. Please Don't Let Me Love You

  2. Candy Kisses

  3. All I Need Is More Lovin

  4. There'S A Rainbow In My Heart

  5. Put All Your Love In A Cookie Jar

  6. Room Full Of Roses

  7. Cry Baby Heart

  8. I Love Everything About You

  9. Why In Heaven'S Name

  10. Ring On Your Finger

  11. So Far

  12. Don'T Be Afraid To Love Me

  13. Somebody Robbed My Beehive

  14. Broken Candy Heart

  15. My Heart Keeps Telling Me

  16. Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost

  17. Waltzing By The Ohio

  18. I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

  19. Mansion Over The Hilltop

  20. You'Re A Little Doll

  21. Almost

  22. Be Sure You Know

  23. Every Little Thing Rolled Into One

  24. Stranger In The Night

  25. Most Of All

  26. A Lover'S Quarrel


Disc 2

  1. Withered Roses

  2. How Many Times

  3. Look What Followed Me Home Tonight

  4. First Time I Told You A Lie

  5. Sweetheart

  6. A Shot In The Dark

  7. A Cheap Affair

  8. The Best Mistake

  9. Ain'T Love Grand

  10. Lonesome Record

  11. Send For My Baby

  12. Now You Know

  13. There Goes My Love

  14. Tears Behind The Smile

  15. My House Is Divided

  16. Late Date

  17. Loveable You

  18. Rockabilly Bungalow

  19. I'M In Love Again

  20. Last Thing I Want To Know

  21. Little Dutch Girl

  22. You'Re The Only Good Thing

  23. Who Knows You Best

  24. It'S Best You Know

  25. The Little Green Men

  26. Every Day Of My Life

  27. I Can Hear My Heart Break

  28. Across The Wide Missouri